The Voting Protocol — WenCyberTruck $WCT

This guide should give you a full insight into how the WenCyberTruck protocol works, This is the first voting protocol that would exist within the defi market. We shall detail below how the voting protocol works in conjunction with the community wallet. Keep in mind when we talk about percentages we are only focusing on the Community Wallet and Voting Protocol, and for this explanation we are ignoring the Marketing/LP Tokenomics.

How the community wallet works:
There’s a 3% fee for every transaction, example;
1. They Sell 1,000,000 Tokens
2. Our contract would transfer 30,000 to the Community Wallet
3. They actually Sell 970,000 Tokens for BNB.

Keeping track of funds:
These funds will build up in the Community Wallet, the amount of tokens the community wallet has available is clearly displayed on the website through either the homepage or the community wallet page.

Additionally, if you understand how to view Wallets / Contracts on you would also be able to find this wallet and see the Incoming / Outgoing transactions… You can see that we use this wallet based upon the decision the community has made.

Voting Protocol:
The voting protocol uses the web3 Wallet Connect function, this only has the ability to display the balance of your WenCyberTruck Tokens, it does not allow us to interact any further with your Wallet. Once you have connected your wallet the amount of tokens you currently hold will be displayed on the top right of the website.

Each token will have a 1:1 vote right and your wallet will only be allowed to cast your vote once per voting period.

The options you see available will be options put forward by the community, for example:

- Air Drop based on Tokens held

- Air Drop to all Holders (Equally split) if you’re holding above X tokens.

- Air Drop to another Crypto Community / AMA group

- Twitter Giveaway

- Add to Marketing Wallet.

- Reward Holders who haven’t sold in X Weeks

- Reward Community members who have had a large impact in the growth.

- Send to the dead address (Manual Burn)

- Donate to Charity

- Etc… etc

This is an example of some of the idea’s currently put forward, each option will have large impacts, some are obvious… some have greater impacts that may not be instant, for example an Airdrop to another Crypto Community would not benefit you directly… but it would increase the Token’s audience and expand the community (strength in numbers).

More importantly, the decision lies in the hands of the community, you decide the fate, and path the way for how we will continue forward.


Vote how the community wallet uses its funds.
Our first vote finished on the 19th of June at 4PM:


Community Wallet Page:





WenCyberTruck is the first true community driven Token that exists on the Binance network, with our voting protocol allowing holders to decide the future.